Our Science Area is a complete academic and entertainment program where children have fun at the same time that they learn through experimentation in all the areas of science like Chemistry, Physics or Astronomy. We have many workshops through which we shed light on the mysteries of the world around us.


Our fun workshops are designed to let children discover how to care for the environment on important topics like: Recycling, Alternative Energies, Water, Planet, Sustainability and Global Warming, among others.  Our fun methodology and our interactive activities will make them understand better the wonders of nature.


Technology and Engineering

Programs are aimed not to learn about the use of Technology but in developing the right skills and knowledge to create Technology. Our Engineering activities are aimed at design proces and our students will be developing and building a solution to a problem. Nutty Scientists Engineering is about creative iterative problem solving.

Health and Nutrition

This academic program is designed to create proper eating habits and teach kids the importance of being healthy. Our Professor Nutrition will entertain and educate children with workshops like: Healthy Breakfast, Eating Hygiene and Preventing Eating Disorders.


Prevention Programs

Our prevention workshops are focused on social matters in which teenagers will learn about current world issues through a fun and interactive approach on subjects like: Prevention on tobacco, alcohol, cellphone addiction and more.


Preschool Programs

Our preschool science programs are designed to captivate the curious nature of young children. Preschoolers enjoy captivating demonstrations, perform simple science experiments and discover how science can help us to better understand the world around us, from butterflies to senses, from water to earth, and much more!