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We're excited to celebrate your child's  birthday with our  mind blowing ,messy boom bang  shows!!

1st & 2nd Packages are science shows and lasts for 45 to 55 mins 
1st show (happy hydrogen Package) we call it Over load explode show, we pick up volunteers to interact with every experiment (it includes 9-12 amazing science experiments) 

2nd show (Hippy Helium Package) we call it The looney gas show, amazing show with loads of gas around, also we let the kids interact with most of the experiments (includes 10-13 cool science experiments)

3rd Package is called Nutty Nitrogen (tour de Science) where all invited kids do different 5 hands on experiments, they touch and do it in a rotation mode 
Tour De Science Details
Extra hands on Activities, kids get the chance to make their own experiment and take it home 
Give aways Ideas

We do come to your home, we also have 2 venue options with different rates (level kids @ city walk Dubai & The beehive @ Dubai water canal) 

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