In Nutty Scientists we have five educational programs with more than 170 workshops and hundreds of experiments, which we use to create educational activities tailored to different ages, from 5 to 15 years.

Nutty Scientists proposes for your school an After School Program aimed at students from 5 to 15 years old.


1.Raise children´s interest in the world of science through experimentation and direct observation of everything around them.

2. To do this, we work with our unique methodology, which combines experimentation with participatory and creative techniques, ensuring success and fun for children.

3.Nutty Scientists aims to stimulate critical attitudes through questioning, as well as encouraging observation and experimentation.


Program Justification

Nutty Scientists helps alleviate this shortcoming by teaching children through play, and developing their imagination and creativity.


How we work

1. Perfectly planned programs.

2. Each week one hour of activity that involves an explanation, an experiment and a different hands-on activity.

3. Instructors trained by our organization.

4. We work in normal classrooms, as Nutty Scientists provides all materials

5. Club Nutty Scientists (notebook, pen, diplomas, possibility of discounts at

6. Open house events.

7. Impact Studies: Regular reports to parents as well as a final report.


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