After School Programs

Nutty Scientists™ After School Programs are available to public and private schools, as well as associations. These hands-on activities offer a great learning value and an encouragement for children to actively participate in the learning process. Our nutty scientists are trained specifically to simultaneously entertain and educate the children.




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In-Class Workshops

Our in class workshops are conducted during school hours and can complement science topics that children are studying at school. Need a workshop for Electricity? Volcanoes? Chemistry? We can tailor make a workshop for you and your school. Just let us know and we our Nutty Scientists will start working on your activity. Workshop activities are organized based on the student’s age starting from “Little Scientists” to “Scientific Experts” .


Nutty Scientists® Camps are an innovative form of “edutainment” (entertainment + education). Combining fun with learning, each camp contains an educational theme that keeps children engaged from day to day. One new theme is learned each day, and all activities are related to this theme, therefore children stay focused on one subject matter, solidifying the concept.




Scientific Shows

Whether you are looking for an activity for your next Mall, Company or Community event, Nutty Scientists™ offers you the opportunity to delight families with shows and workshops of a scientific nature that are, above all, tons of fun.

Scientific Shows are a way to bring science to children in a complete original format. We will make their imagination wonder with the different adventures of our Nutty Scientists in combination with entertainment, theatre and fun. Children will learn while they engage in this participatory adventure. Shows like our popular Castaway and Ice Age will have kids asking for more!

Awareness Campaigns

For many years Nutty Scientists™ has been developing and designing campaigns that focus on bringing awareness on important issues of life. These campaigns will help children be more conscious about the environment and the world they live in.

Unleashing Genius Program

Unleashing Genius programs are highly interactive workshops ranging from the natural sciences to chemistry, biology, life sciences, the environment, health, astronomy and nutrition.

There are three levels to each program,each level is completed in six workshops with a total number of eighteen hours per level. The program includes each time a Science Drama show, an Experimania and an Artful Science hands-on session for the students to experiment on the new concept) each lasting an hour.

Our service is very unique, making sure we totally absorb the children’s attention into fully understanding the science concept well. The first session that they attend during the program each week is well designed and planned to make sure they are learning the concept simply without realizing that they are learning as they have fun. During the second session Experimania grasp the concept or an additional concept related to it.

The last week of the program is the most exciting for the students and the most beneficial to them, where a treasure hunt is organized and they try to find the treasure by solving most of the riddles through implementing the experiments and explaining the science concepts that they have learned throughout the program.

Birthday Parties and celebrations

Nutty Scientists™ offers entertainment service for parties and celebrations. Leaving aside the common clown, it offers guests an exciting and participatory approach that will result into learning while playing. The combination of fun, theatre and education makes these shows an unforgettable experience for children.


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Noha Abd Al Rahman's Mother

After Birthday party parents comments:

* We had a lot of fun and the kids said that it is the best birthday ever 😘😘
* عجبتني جدا فكرة ال science lab كلنا اتبسطنا بيها كبار وصغيرين وبارني الولاد فرحوا بيه
* Thank you. They've learned a lot of things.
* Great party Noha. Kids were so happy to attend and had lots of fun. 
* عيد ميلادهم كان جديد و مختلف
* ME: Abdulrahman told me because of the science show .. this is the best birthday ever

Andrea Massuli

The service given by the Franchiser is constant, helping you out in every aspect of the business and making the business move forward.
I am really happy with Nutty Scientists. It offers what I wanted, that is to say, a good way of living and working in something that I really enjoy.

Christophe Lebours

Schools, town halls, recreational centers, companies, living rooms, sporting events, and administrations... the list of our prospective customers is endless. In over a year, nobody has said to me: “science, sustainable development or prevention campaigns: that does not interest me”.

Rene Van Engelenburg

Nutty Scientists offers a unique possibility to work from home.

Municipalities, schools, private events (leisure), companies and shopping centers. “With more than 150 different programs Nutty Scientists can always satisfy and meet the changing demand of clients. Nutty Scientists makes science fun!

Eduardo Amaro

I am the Portugal Master Franchisee. I have recently renewed the contract for another 25 years.

We are delighted with the excellent results and branding recognition in the country.

The success comes guaranteed by the agreements with companies like Warner Brothers, the Visionarium Museum or the education authorities.

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